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    can be considered if there is a delay in return to work or a prolonged period of inactivity.

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Pain is the discomfort signal that tells you to pay attention – something is wrong in your body. Pain can result from any condition that stimulates your body’s sensors, and can persist beyond the expected period of healing following illness, injury or surgery, or cancer pain which is under poor control.

At Pacific Pain Institute, we treat acute and chronic pain through an interdisciplinary approach.

Acute pain can be treated or cured in many different ways. Usually, this type of pain will lessen or disappear when your physician identifies the cause or source of the pain and treats it. By diagnosing and treating acute pain early on, you can recover faster, return to activities you enjoy faster, and possibly save money on healthcare costs.

Sometimes pain does not go away after initial treatment and it becomes a chronic or constant pain. Ongoing chronic or constant pain can make it difficult for a person to lead a normal life. Family, work, income and lifestyle can all be negatively affected by intractable pain. Receiving effective treatment for pain can reduce the ongoing suffering and the cost of ongoing care.

The services provided by Pacific Pain Institute are targeted to treat both acute and chronic pain as appropriate for the pain you are experiencing.