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Auto Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident, it is extremely important that you have an evaluation from a qualified medical doctor who has experience treating and managing auto accident injuries.

Seeing an accident doctor as soon as possible after an auto accident is vital in order to persevere your auto accident case as well as recover from your auto accident injuries. It is important to have an evaluation even if your pain is minimal. We have had many auto accident victims come to us weeks, or even months after an auto accident, complaining of pain. They do not understand that in many cases, the pain from auto accident injuries take time to develop.

It is very important to have an evaluation to determine the extent of the injuries you have and to document them for your auto accident case. The following are some common mistakes we see auto accident victims make:

  • Waiting too long to see a doctor.
  • Believing the ‘pain will go away by itself’.
  • Believing that because they do not have pain immediately after an accident, they are not hurt.
  • Not following the doctors instructions.

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