We will contact you by phone prior to your scheduled date of surgery.  At that time we will let you know when you should arrive at Merced Surgery Center, what to bring with you and answer any questions you have.  Review your Patient Rights (create link) and Notice of Privacy Practices (create link) are included.  Please sign the acknowledgement form and return to the Doctor’s receptionist before your date of surgery.


Merced Surgery Center accepts most major commercial insurance, HMO/PPO plans, Medicare and Workers Compensation.  Surgical pre-authorization must be coordinated by your doctor’s office and the Surgery Center prior to admission.  You should bring your health insurance card with you.  Please remember that your procedure coverage is a contract between you and the insurance company.  We will cooperate to the fullest extent in expediting the claim; however, you are ultimately responsible for your account.


Patient’s deductible is expected at time of service.  We accept Master Card, Visa, personal checks, cashier’s checks and cash.  If you have any questions regarding fees or insurance, we urge you to call our office prior to your visit, so that financial arrangements can be made.


If for any reason you cannot keep your scheduled appointment for surgery, or you notice the following, contact your physician immediately:  you suspect that you are pregnant or you experience any changes in your physical condition such as a cough, fever or a cold.


ANESTHESIA:  Anesthesia services are provided by a highly qualified anesthesiologist familiar in all aspects of anesthesia.  Your anesthesiologist will evaluate you before surgery and answer any questions you may have.  Be sure to talk to your anesthesiologist about any medications you are currently taking, even over-the-counter drugs.  The appropriate type of anesthesia will be determined by your anesthesiologist in consultation with your surgeon.

RECOVERY:  Immediately following surgery, you will spend some time in our recovery room under the close care of our skilled nursing staff.  When your surgeon and/or anesthesiologist determine you are ready to leave, he or she will discharge you and review your post-operative instructions.  A nurse will then escort you to your vehicle.

PREPARING FOR YOUR SURGERY: Please talk to your physician about any daily medications you are currently taking, especially for heart, diabetes or blood pressure management; be sure to mention any prescription drugs such as Plavix or Coumadin, and any over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, Bufferin, Nuprin, Advil or Motrin

TRANSPORTATION:  If you are scheduled for outpatient surgery, please be sure to make arrangements for a responsible person to drive you home after the surgery.  If your surgery involves general anesthetic or other type of sedation, you must arrange for a responsible person to stay at your home with you for the first night following surgery.


–          Get a good night’s rest
–          Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before surgery or day of surgery
–          Follow your Doctor’s instructions about your daily medications
–          Bathe or shower and shampoo your hair the night before or the morning of surgery to minimize the chance of infection
–          Avoid hairstyling and hairspray
–          Do not apply body lotion or wear perfume
–          Refrain from smoking the day before surgery


–          Bring your insurance cards and photo identification, i.e., drivers license, etc.
–          Bring a list of your current medications, strength and dosage
–          Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes
–          Leave your valuables, including jewelry and watches at home
–          Do not wear contact lenses, make-up or perfume
–          Bring storage cases for dentures, hearing aids and glasses.  You may wear these removables to the surgery center, but these will need to be removed before your procedure
–          If your child is scheduled for surgery, we encourage you to bring his or her favorite toy or blanket for extra comfort


Since you cannot drive yourself home after surgery or use public transportation, you must be sure that a family member or friend comes with you to the center

Notice of Disclosure: Your physician may have an ownership interest in Merced Surgery Center, and if such an interest is of concern to you, please discuss it with your physician